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Hey gaijin! Are you tsuyoi enough for Sumo arm wrestling game?

Entry into hidden mysteries of Japan are kinshi (kapu to you) unless you defeat Sumo Wrestler-san. Though his arm is short, he is very strong. Your arm longer, so advantage for you in leverage! If lose, there be humiliation. If win badly, there may be pain. If succeed well, then victory will be swift and confident.

We cannot say what Kanji symbols mean. Suffice to say achieving lowest level suggest you are probably weaker than hairless Chinese Crested pooch. If can ably defeat Sumo Wrestler, then top circle means you have inhuman strength (like Arnold-san as Terminator, or Jeff Goldblum-san as Fly-man!). Intermediate levels from wuss (Matt Damon-san, Tom Cruise-san) to tough (John Wayne-san, Clint Eastwood-san). Good luck, gaijin. Japan mysteries await you!

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