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Endorsements and Testimonials

"When Dan first came into our non-profit organization seven years ago, I perceived that he had an impressive enough portfolio and skill set to carry us through into the future. I think we had preconceived expectations about our company's branding, and he continually fulfilled those expectations quickly and competently. But within a few years Dan's skills seemed to grow exponentially, and he began presenting us with excitingly creative ideas in branding a new look for our organization, as ably expressed in our website, flyers, presentations, brochures and many other promotional items. Dan has always been a stalwart worker, a keen problem-solver, and an integral part of our effort to promote space enterprise in the State of California."

The Honorable Andrea Seastrand
CEO, California Space Authority
Former Congresswoman of the State of California

"In 2003, while I was still with the California Space Authority (CSA) as chief programs officer, I hired Dan Futoran to serve as the organization’s graphic designer. I was extraordinarily pleased that he seemed to be “ahead of the curve” in understanding how to move traditional graphic design online effectively for websites, online fliers, brochures, invitations, etc. And the illustrations in his portfolio were amazing! Over the next two years before I left, and the five years since, in which I have worked closely with Dan as a consultant to CSA, he was thrown nearly every type of design project imaginable, from typical postcards, brochures, invitations and newsletters to 44 and 52-page booklets and reports packed with photos and design elements created to inspire both industry stakeholders and the interested public. He has been able to manage and enhance branding efforts, while incorporating a variety of elements (photos, graphics, logos, etc.) from other industry and government stakeholders, as CSA has a broad partnership base. I have always found Dan to be receptive to constructive suggestions, yet extremely capable and creative and self-starting, a dynamite combination for the kind of responsive yet accommodating person required in a fast-moving organization."

Victoria Conner
Principal, Strategic Vitality LLC, Former Chief Program Officer, California Space Authority, Inc.

“Dan is a highly skilled illustrator who was able to illustrate very complex anatomical and surgical scenarios and develop detailed pieces for use in technical brochures teaching clinical techniques. Dan did just as well in creating images for general marketing and advertising use.”

Michael O'Tousa
Principal, NoviMed Systems, Inc.; formerly Business Director at PS Medical Inc. (now Medtronic Neurosurgery)

"Dan is very creative, thorough and spends the time needed to be accurate in producing medical illustrations, brochures and training aids. I would highly recommend his company."

Joe Brown
Marketing Manager, Pfm Medical Inc.
Formerly Vice President of Marketing, PS Medical Inc. (now Medtronic Neurosurgery)

“I’ve known Dan for over 10 years and can attest to his high integrity, dynamic work ethic, expansive skill set, and speedy project turnaround. We worked together at Medtronic for several years. Additionally, Dan created my Web site in 2002 and designed my Writecat logo—which I absolutely love. His credentials are impeccable, his illustrations are amazing, and his listening skills enable him to quickly understand a project’s requirements and create products that are exactly what clients are looking for. I enjoy working with Dan and find him very easy to get along with—a pleasure as a co-worker, and a dependable and friendly service provider when I need graphic design, illustration, or Web-related work done for my business.”

Catherine Viel
Professional Writer and Editor, WriteCat Communications; formerly Technical Writer at Medtronic Neurosurgery

"Run by experienced designer and illustrator Dan Futoran. DFI is superb in the arena of medical illustrations, and Dan is very experienced in doing a wide range of graphic design needs - from posters, to brochures, to newsletters, and more."

Wil Simon
Principal at Wil Simon Media, Media Communications Specialist

"Dan is a seasoned medical illustrator who marries high-level artistic creativity with technological expertise. His many and varied interests are shown in his impressive portfolio of artwork, not the least of which are his high-concept medical illustrations. He brings a positive and energetic attitude to a project and I enjoyed working with him for many years."

Marie Hathaway
Principal at Moxie Communications; former Marketing Communications Manager at Medtronic Neurosurgery